Thailand has 3 distinct wine regions with a variable soil and climatic conditions. It is not only the grapes and wine, but also the scenery and offering at each winery or vineyard which is worth to explore.

Please visit each individual website for the most up-to-date information.

Wineries Silverlake Vineyard
Latitude 12.76° North
Soil conditions Loamy Sand
Temperature 20-22 °C in the morning, during harvest time
Elevation 110 meters above sea level
Grapes Shiraz & Chenin Blanc
Acres 33
Harvest period Feb – Mar.
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  Winery   Silverlake
  Location   Silverlake Vineyard is just slightly over an hour from Bangkok and is idealy located next to Khao Chee Chan Budha Image hill which is within the district of a very popular beach getaway of Pattaya
  Terroir / Soil   Loamy sand
  Altitude above
sea level
  110 m
  Activities in house   Flower Garden and Vinyard Tour, Silverlake Wine and Grill - fine hilltop dining with bird's eye view of the vineyard, ATV & Bicycling, and Music Event
  Activities near by   Budha Image, Yannasangworn Temple, Nongnutch Park, Pattaya City, Sattahip Navy Base
  Special interest /
  World Class Music Event, Development of 5000 seats amphitheatre, also cathedral style classical concert hall
  Contact Number   084-915-3346